The HP printer error code 41.5 is a common issue in most of the HP LaserJet printers.  Below are the causes, symptoms, and troubleshooting procedure provided by the HP Printer Tech Support team which not only helps you in fixing the error code 41.5 in the HP printers but also save your precious time and money by offering cost-effective services right at your doorstep.

Why error code 41.5 occurs in the HP printer?

HP printer error code 41.5 occurs when you try to print out document from your PC. The error code is usually facing by the HP printer end-users when there is some issue with the media feed on the printer, which makes it really impossible to initiate or start the printing process. The key culprits which create the error code 41.5 typically are the roller, paper tray, and the registration sensors which are not positioned in a proper way.

Symptoms of the HP Printer Error Code 41.5

If you view an HP printer error code 41.5, you can inspect if the paper tray is in the proper place. You can also inspect the assembly feed which is behind the assembly tray pick-up.  On rare occasions even a roller which is displaced can create this problem. The issues can be associated with the clutch or fuser as well as a damaged sensor.

Steps to Resolve HP Printer LaserJet Error Code 41.5:

  • To resolve this problem, first check that the printer is correctly configured with the PC.
  • To inspect this, click on to the ‘Printers and Faxes’ alternative in the ‘Control Panel’ of the PC under category “Printers and Other Hardware”.
  • Stop all the printing jobs which are displayed as pending.
  • Switch off the printer for 2 minutes before reboot it again and then initiate the printing process.
  • This will reset information options, all the commands, and authorizes the printer to print in an accurate manner.
  • If you still view the error message “Error Code 41.5” inspect the roller or tray and clip it back in the right place.
  • Also try to feed one paper at a time.

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